About Me

My name is Nicholas Andre. I’m a Computer Engineering student at Tufts University (combined BS/MS graduation 2016), and I love playing with shiny things. This site chronicles my random experiments and finds. My primary interests center around computers, hardware, embedded systems, radios, and reverse engineering of all of the above. I’ve also explored a lot of different photography processes in my past and still have a basement full of C41 and RA4 chemicals and paper. I created this site with the intention of beginning to write down the crazy things that I do.

Resume (Fall 2014)


I am a licensed ham radio operator, KB1UYN. I have acquired a GMRS license WQRU339. I hang out with some regularity on the Waltham 70 cm repeater, and my always-in-progress GMRS repeater on 600.

I also dabble in audio engineering. While my ear is not the best, I still love to buy things.

I also enjoy preparing for the ever-prevalent zombie apocalypse. You can never be too prepared for the zombie-pocalypse. I think it runs in the family (my uncle has a Barret 50 cal ‘just in case’). I tend to stockpile generators, solar panels, and HF manpack radios.

I’m the Founder and President of Boston AV Productions, LLC. Gotta love them companies that are really just Nick in disguise but with limited liability 😉

I’m experienced with Linux Sysadmin and various other technology things expanding upon my Computer Engineering curriculum.

I have a Toughbook which I use to run Motorola RSS on Windows 98 DOS mode. May the HT1000 live forever.

I bought nand.re. Yes I did pay off my British friend to acquire that domain.