Motorola Iridium 9570 Portable Dock Pinout

The Motorola 9570 is a portable speakerphone dock made for the Motorola 9500 Iridium phone, and it was also available with an adapter for the 9505 phone. It could fit two batteries for battery backup operation, which is cool.

Unfortunately, there was no power connector pinout available, but I managed to track down a power supply (SPN4645B) and measure the voltages.

Looking at the connector like this:

the potential difference between the left and middle connector is +2.25V, and the potential difference between the left and right is +4.55V.

This doesn’t make very much sense since the PSU lists:

Output: 4.4VDC 3.6A : 6.5 VDC 2.5A

Which suggests that this PSU has voodoo magic going on inside it.

May crack in open and take a look…