Copying recordings to the computer from the Zoom iQ6 HandyRecorder or HandyRec App

I purchased the Zoom iQ6 XY microphone for my iPhone to use it for audio recording purposes (I used it as a backup recorder for my recent nutrition talk — at 60 seconds the in-room recording dropped out and I had to switch to the Zoom feed which is why the audio changes at that point).

However, the app that you have to use is so shitty that it doesn’t provide a way to copy the file off of your phone. It provides:

  1. Email functionality: app won’t let you email files larger than 25MB.
  2. Sound Cloud export functionality: soundcloud doesn’t accept large files in uncompressed format.

If you’re like me, you discovered this after making an important recording and now need some way of accessing your files.

Use a backup explorer

I installed a backup explorer which allowed me to view the files that each app stores on the phone.

  1. Connect your phone over USB to your computer, authorize computer etc.
  2. Open the backup explorer. (You don’t need to make a backup for this)
  3. Navigate to the HandyRec app folder.
  4. You should see the WAV file that you recorded inside this folder.
  5. Copy the file to the computer

It’s a bit of a brutal hack but it makes this app usable. I would think twice about purchasing this device if you haven’t already due to this limitation, but I will admit that it’s handy.