WordPress Thievery: Someone stole an article off my website

Received a comment today (which Akismet handily tagged as spam) asking me to “read more.” It linked to another WordPress site–but I noticed the title was EXACTLY the same as mine.

This is slightly unusual. My titles (in case you haven’t noticed) are characteristically laden with my unique sass and incorrectly appended phrases with the incorrect grammatical use of a colon.

The stolen content
The stolen content

Basically, this man/robot had lifted the content of the article and the title straight off of the page and posted it on his site (to which I will not give a link, for obvious reasons). Furthermore, he had the balls to try to post a link from my article to his.

I have honestly never seen such low-lying content thief in my life. Simply to gain SEO. I was unaware that this sort of content stealing existed, but apparently it does.

Regardless, a DMCA notice has been sent to the registrar HostGator. Hopefully that site will be banished into oblivion.

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