VoIP HOWTO: Asterisk, SIP, FreePBX, and geekery

This HOWTO’s complexity level is Moderate. You’ll need some experience dealing with networks, a basic grasp of network technology, and the desire to muck around a little bit with configuration.


A year ago, I decided that I wanted to learn VoIP. I’d seen some very interesting examples online and I wanted to try it myself. Those who have tried to do VoIP before have probably noticed the one minor hiccup that comes in tow: nobody wants to teach you how to do it. All people want to do is charge you money to do it for you and provide “support.” This is a pretty good business model, but not very helpful to people like me: the “do-it-yourselfers.”

So as to spare you, the reader, the pain which I experienced gleaning the information from this tutorial from various online forum posts and poorly written outdated howtos, I am going to change that and actually write a post that will get you up and running with a simple VoIP system for your house or small business (or large business, if you’re intrepid).
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FlowRoute Wholesale VoIP Review

My VoIP trunk of choice (after admittedly trying few others) is FlowRoute. They have a number of advantages over pretty much everything else:

  1. Cost of minutes: Basically $0.01/minute in or out within the US. A little more to accept Toll-free calls.
  2. Cost of DIDs: Basically $1.25/month + activation.
  3. Ability to purchase DID blocks (a range of numbers) for cheap (even though those blocks might put your business somewhere north of eastern Sasquatch-uan).
  4. Ability to tell you EXACTLY how much money you have left…down to the 1/1,000,000th of a cent. As of this writing I have $25.92119295 of credit.
  5. Pay as you go, with automatic top-off available.
  6. E911
  7. Caller ID CNAM pushing (after approval of CNAM)

I have heard their support is not stellar, but they don’t do that much to warrant you wanting support.

They provide very straight-forward instructions for configuring sip trunks within FreePBX or Asterisk. Overall, not much to dislike about this company or the service they provide.

You can also read my full VoIP tutorial.