NickFiber: Bringing 100GBPS internet to Maine

For those who know me, I’ve described to you my intricate plan. Described by some as “The worst idea I’ve ever heard,” this idea centers around my curiosity about internet infrastructure and my hatred of Comcast, Inc. Basically, I will become my own ISP, to myself and others.

Docsis CMTS
DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS (Retail $40K on eBay)

As a result, I wondered how hard it could be and whether I could do it better. So the plan unfolded, and I’ve grown increasingly interested in the final product despite the ridiculous financial outlay it would require and poor possibility of financial gain.

Phase I:

  1. Go to Cogentco
  2. Hand them a stack of cash and one end of a fiber bundle. They plug in end of fiber bundle and hand me some IPv4 love.
  3. By hook, crook, and power line companies/cover of darkness, string the fiber haphazardly on telephone poles all the way from the local Tier 1 to my house.
  4. Man the Cisco swtiches!
  5. Purchase bootleg DOCSIS 3 CMTS equipment off eBay.
  6. String coaxial hardline cable back up over the telephone polls.
  7. Provide internet to masses at full DOCSIS speeds.
  8. Enjoy 100GBPS internet at my house.

Phase II:

  1. Run fiber to houses. This means either hijacked ONTs or Cisco routers with single mode gigabit SFPs.

Like it? Yes you do.

Phase 0.1b:

  1. Purchase bootleg DOCSIS 2 termination gear. Run a LAN over DOCSIS 2.

Comments welcome. People who share my desire are also welcome.

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