CyberPower UPS with Linux Binaries!

True, it’s not open source, but I’ve just discovered that my cyberpower UPS has available a set of linux binaries for a daemon and management of said daemon.

CyberPower UPS powering my server
CyberPower UPS powering my server

Quite cool, in my opinion.

Although the instructions are primarily in Chinglish, it does get the message across.

It includes an install script and an uninstall script to boot. I’m planning on getting the 1500VA model for my Tufts server. The news that I’ll be able to fire off emails (or at least log…not sure how well our university Datacom has set up power backup) on power failure and low battery would be nice.

Testing my 600VA version, I get an email when I pull the plug. There’s no email on power restore…

But in terms of nifty features:

  • it logs all power events
  • When the computer is shut down, you can send a command to shut down the UPS after a period of time.

In essence, you’ll be able to:

  1. shut down your computer on power fail with low UPS battery
  2. The UPS will shut off, awaiting main power to be restored
  3. With proper BIOS config, the restoration in power from the UPS will boot the machine
  4. You can shut down the UPS with some power remaining so it does not cook the battery during downtime

I like it! Time to order the massive one with 1 hour + of runtime for my server at idle 🙂

UPDATE: I purchased the massive 1500VA unit (900 watts). Fully functional, allows swapping the alarm on/off from terminal, testing the UPS, logging, emailing, and really long runtime! Crazy.

My first UPS would “lose connection” when you tested it. It was strange. This one works fine.

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