Toshiba T1850: The Land Before Windows

One of my hobbies is Radios. It covers everything from building your own radios with a soldering iron to collecting old police radios and reprogramming them for your own use. It’s pretty fun. Keeps the nerds busy. However, as you dig deeper and deeper into the radio hobby, you will undoubtedly unearth some of the older radios. When the cops upgrade, they dump massive quantities of (for the most part, excellent) radios onto auction sites like eBay. Hams and other radio gurus sweep them up in great quantities. Until you find out one particularly sad fact: you need DOS to program them. And often, the slower the better. More on radios elsewhere, today we cover the DOSmonster.


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Das Telephone Line Tester (Wilcom Model T303B)

Yesterday at the MIT flea I happened upon this gem, a little bad boy from Wilcom called the “MODEL T303B SIGNALING SENDER.” What is it do you ask? I have no idea. What does it do? It beeps. How much did I pay for it? $7.

Wilcom Line Tester
Wilcom Line Tester

It’s dated 03/1983 Manufacture and appears to have been owned by GE. Continue reading Das Telephone Line Tester (Wilcom Model T303B)